Extending our Mental Health Research Project

For the past two years Machon Dvir has been conducting a research study among Yeshiva & Seminary gap-year students to measure mental health issues among this cohort, and to compare it with mental health issues reported by the general student population of the United States. Last year 20 schools participated in the survey. This year we are expanding the survey and inviting more schools to participate.

The questionnaires are completely confidential – we do not share the students’ responses with the schools or tag the data by school. We do present the results, which provide helpful pointers on the mental health issues that many students are grappling with.

This year, we will be asking the students to fill in the same questionnaire in September 2019 and in May 2020, to see where there are changes in students’ perceptions of their own mental health. We will NOT be comparing the questionnaires of individual students – they are completely anonymous – but we want to measure how the attitudes of the entire cohort change during their year in Israel.

If you are interested in including your gap year program in our research study, please contact the Machon Dvir office via email office@machondvir.org or call us on 02-625-2527 during office hours.

August 1, 2019 Sarah News No Comments