Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a type of therapy that is effective in helping people with emotion regulation. DBT stands for dialectical behavior therapy, and is an offshoot of cognitive behavior therapy- a well-known therapy used often for anxiety and depression as well as a variety of other conditions. DBT is based on the concept of dialectics as well as the principles of behavioral theory.

A dialectic is the convergence of opposing ideas, and a central dialectic in DBT is that of acceptance and change. A major focus of DBT is teaching people to accept themselves as they are, and at the same time to constantly push toward improvement in a healthy way. DBT aims to teach and help individuals to apply 4 broad sets of skills:

Mindfulness: This is a set of skills that underlies the others. The objective of mindfulness is awareness. People with emotion dysregulation are taught to pay close attention to internal signals and experiences, as well as external ones. This ability to shift attention toward and away from various stimuli provides the building blocks for recognizing and appropriately adjusting emotions, thoughts, and behavior.

Emotion Regulation: This is a set of skills that teaches people the necessary behavioral steps and thought processes to stay away from experiences and situations that can trigger emotional instability, as well as increasing their engagement in healthy experiences that promote stability and life satisfaction.

Distress Tolerance: This is a set of skills that focuses on ways to get through periods of unavoidable intense negative emotions without losing control of oneself. Tolerance of high levels of distress often involves the use of acceptance, relaxation, distraction, and problem solving strategies.

Interpersonal Effectiveness: This is a set of skills that helps guide interpersonal interactions in a healthy manner, and that facilitates healthy relationships rather than destructive ones.

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