Machon Dvir teaches new ways to cope with difficult situations using a tried and tested methodology known as Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT. This has been proven to be helpful for those struggling with interpersonal difficulties, impulsive, addictive & self-harming behavior, depression, anxiety and dysregulated eating. Machon Dvir will be running a new DBT Skills […]

Extending our Mental Health Research Project

For the past two years Machon Dvir has been conducting a research study among Yeshiva & Seminary gap-year students to measure mental health issues among this cohort, and to compare it with mental health issues reported by the general student population of the United States. Last year 20 schools participated in the survey. This year […]

summer DBT course

Machon Dvir in Jerusalem will again be offering its very successful intensive DBT skills courses this summer, to help people to develop emotional resilience and other coping skills. Separate groups for men and women will run from June 16 with two 3-hour group sessions each week for 6 weeks. Students will be able to learn […]

Dr. Shmuel Harris

Dr. Shmuel Harris M.D. gave a presentation at the 22nd Annual Nefesh Conference in New York on Thursday December 27, 2018, about Machon Dvir’s research into Mental Health Issues among Gap Year Students in Israel. Nefesh – the International Network of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals – convenes every December to provide continuing professional development sessions […]

chanukah eating

Chanukah is one of those festivals that centers around food. Like all the other Jewish festivals! The combination of family gatherings and food-centered celebrations can often be difficult for people who struggle with food issues. How can Mindful Eating help you to deal with the pressure? Chanukah Food Fests Family celebrations can often lead to […]

How Do DBT Skills Groups Work?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT for short) is a great way to learn to manage your emotions. This therapy, offered as part of the Machon Dvir Intensive Summer Program in Jerusalem, is designed to help people to understand and manage their own behavior so that they can feel more emotionally secure. The four key skills taught […]

Emotional Dysregulation

Machon Dvir is starting new Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Groups for Young Women in Beit Shemesh & Jerusalem. Two new DBT Skills Groups will open in Bet Shemesh in October 2018. One group is for adolescent girls and the other is for women over the age of 20. Both groups will be led by Heather […]

DBT: What it is and How it Helps

Heather Moshal LCSW explains the benefits of DBT. This article was published in Connections Magazine, Pesach 2018 Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a cognitive behavioral therapy that helps people learn how to better regulate their emotions.  DBT was developed by a psychologist named Marsha Linehan in the early 1990’s to treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  […]

Putting the Patient in Control

In this article for Mishpacha Magazine, Dr. Jacob L. Freedman explains the importance of putting the patient in control of his or her treatment and destiny. He also recommends Dr. Shmuel Harris and Machon Dvir in Jerusalem to help with this process. Read the article here or download the PDF version.