Milam: Breaking Through Stigma

Dr Shmuel HarrisDr. Shmuel Harris spoke at the opening event of the Milam Family Counseling Center in Beit Shemesh on November 28 entitled: “Breaking Thorough Stigma: Embracing Mental Health”. He spoke about mental health diagnoses and classifications, the importance of family involvement and addressing issues of stigma. Other speakers included Mrs. Pamela Perlman, Director of Rehabilitation Services for Jerusalem & Central Israel, and a representative of a family coping with mental illness.

Milam Beit ShemeshMilam provides counseling services for parents, spouses and siblings coping with family members who are suffering from challenges in mental health. They provide information and guidance about accessing mental health services in Israel, as well as support groups, legal aid, and seminars on mental health topics. Milam is a project of Enosh – the Israeli Mental Health Association ( – which runs more than 60 family counseling centers throughout Israel, staffed by over 700 mental health professionals and hundreds of volunteers.

The opening event of the new Milam center in Beit Shemesh provided an opportunity for local people to ask their questions in a positive and informative atmosphere, and Dr. Harris’ informative presentation was greatly appreciated by the organizers.

November 30, 2017 Sarah News No Comments